Train Controller

Work Location:  Al Faya Depot
Date:  Apr 11, 2024

Position Overview

The Train Controller is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of trains on the ERDB network and provides professional continuity through periods of disruption.

The Train Controller must have high-level communication skills, critical thinking, strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work under extreme pressure and in emergency situations. The Train Controller must have a good memory for learning safety procedures and regulations and be able to concentrate for long periods on detailed information.

Roles and Responsibility

• Maintain a high profile in the promotion of safe working conditions and practices so as to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, third parties and Contractors operating on Etihad Rail DB infrastructure,

• Ensure compliance with all rules, procedures and regulations,

• Coordinate movement of trains according to operating plan and customer needs,

• Direct and coordinate rail traffic, issue permits and movement authorities, monitor all rail movements and maintain computerized records of all activities,

• Ensure the safe, reliable and punctual movement of trains in both normal and degraded circumstances,

• Implement specific instructions as may be deemed necessary by the Train Control Supervisor,

• Liaise with the Track & Facilities management team and Operations Planner in matters related to possession management and maintenance windows,

• Provide real-time information updates to the Train Control Supervisor on performance and safety related matters,

• Liaise with customer control rooms as necessary,

• Communicate with personnel on weather or any environmental conditions affecting train movements,

• Act as mentor to new Operations Control Centre staff.

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience


Academic Qualifications:

• Bachelors Degree or High School certificate


Professional Qualifications:

• Knowledge of applicable discipline based railway standards

• Knowledge of VDU based Signaling and Control Centre operations

• Knowledge of European Train Control System (ETCS)

• Knowledge of competence management systems

• Full driving license



• Experience in writing control instructions

• Experience with specialized computer dispatching equipment